If you would like to get out of the house and meet new people or require some help, get in touch with your local neighbourhood care group. Choose a care group from the list below for more information. 

For more information please contact us on either 0208 662 1000 or info@cnca.org.uk. 

Our Member Groups:

We have marked in red the status of each group during Covid-19.  This information will be updated as and when it becomes available. 

Update Jan 2021 -  the information below is to the best of our knowledge.  As we are now in a lockdown situation again, please contact the groups individually for clarification on their current status.  Thank you.

  1. Abbeyfield Sanderstead Society Ltd     Please contact them for further information during the COVID-19 period.
  2. Addiscombe Neighbourhood Care Association (A.N.C.A)  Their service is still running, and the office ‘manned’ daily, to receive calls, messages, & e-mails etc, even though the Centre is closed; which currently precludes their ‘Extend’ exercise classes.  They are providing ‘telephone befriending & support’; plus individual ‘shopping’, and ‘medicines collection’, as/when necessary. They are providing weekly ‘meals deliveries’ of “Fish & Chips”, to their Lunch Club members. They also provide volunteer drivers for ‘medical’ or ‘health-related’ trips ; and they are still accepting “New Client” Referrals.
  3. Age UK Croydon - Brigstock Road   Please contact Age UK on 020 8686 0066 or email asc@adviceservicescroydon.org.uk. for more information and advice on a range of topics.
  4. Boston Road Lunch Club     This service is closed during the COVID-19 period but they are making plans to re-open asap.
  5. Croham Hurst Good Neighbours    This service is closed but volunteers/staff are keeping in touch with members by phone and their volunteers and providing a  shopping service to those that need it.
  6. Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation    Please contact them for information during the COVID-19 period.
  7. Croydon 60+ Club  is now closed.
  8. Eastern Oasis Luncheon Club  This service is closed during the COVID-19 period.
  9. Jagruti Women’s Group  Please contact them for information during the COVID-19 period.  They are hoping to re-open asap.
  10. New Addington Good Samaritans (N.A.G.S)  This service is closed during the COVID-19 lockdown period.  
  11. Old Coulsdon Centre for the Retired  Their service remains closed druing the COVID-19 lockdown period.  They are operating a telephone befriending service for their regular clients and volunteers.
  12. Parchmore Methodist Church and Community Centre  All centre based activities are closed.  They are running a Food Stop service (Parchmore Community Connect & Food Stop) every Wednesday between 10 and 12.  For more information:  020 8653 7353  or becky@parchmore.org.
  13. Purley & Coulsdon Clubs for the Elderly (P.A.C.E)    Their normal service is closed during the COVID-19 lockdown period.  However, they are available by phone and to support their clients needs for shopping etc.  Email:  pace119@btinternet.com  Tel:  020 8668 2270. 
  14. Purley Cross Centre  They are running an information and advice service online/telephone.
  15. St Edmund’s Caring Group  St. Edmund's is now closed and is now part of Sanderstead Neighbourhood Care below.
  16. Sanderstead Neighbourhood Care  Sanderstead Neighbourhood Care are helping the people in Sanderstead who are currently on their records along with some new people that have been given their number via chemists etc.  If you are aware of anyone in Sanderstead that you believe may not be getting any help, please let them know and they will be happy to contact them to offer help.  Their social club remains closed during the COVID-19 lockdown period..
  17. Selsdon Centre for the Retired  This service is closed during the COVID-19 lockdown period.
  18. Selsdon Contact  They are running the 'Selsdon Feed Hub'.  Donations are very welcome at the Jubilee Cafe, Lower Ground Floor, 132 Lower Addington Rd, South Croydon, Mon-Fri between 10-3 or you can donate through their website.  They currently have 76 Street Champions volunteers.  Clients newsletters are sent iur via post/email.  They will review their service at the end of June 2020.  Aug 2020 update: They are making plans to open as soon as possible.  They are no longer running the food hub on the scale is was previously but are still helping the more vulnerable of their clients.
  19. Shirley Neighbourhood Care Scheme  Their office is open 10am to 12.30pm, although they cannot welcome clients to the premises during lockdown.  However, they are accepting new clients.  The services they are offering are:  Personal shopping; transport to medical appointments including vaccination appointments; telephone befriending; weekly meal deliveries.
  20. South Croydon Day Centre for the Retired  The centre is closed during the lockdown period but is supporting their registered visitors through telephone contact, providing essential shopping services, if required, and help with getting prescriptions etc.  The centre has received donations for essential food items and items which are used to support the more vulnerable and isolated visitors.  They can provide on request supplies including meals, tins, tea bags, milk and drink, and also toiletries to those with genuine need.
  21. South Norwood & Woodside Community Association (S.N.W.C.A)   They are attempting to stay in touch with their members and offering shopping assistance, fresh food delivery as required.  
  22. Timebridge Community Centre  Please contact them for information on their service during the COVID-19 period.
  23. Upper Norwood Association for Community Care (U.N.A.C.C)  During the COVID-19 lockdown period, centre based activities are suspended.  However they are offering a freshly prepared meal delivery service once a week to members - as many meals as they need to get through the week.  They are also operating a keeping in touch service/quizzes/at home exercises etc. If you would like to be added to the mailing list or are interested in the food deliveries could you please contact Natalie at info@unacc.org.uk.
  24. Waddon Community Outreach  Waddon Community Outreach have arranged 'safe distancing conversations' for some of their folk who are really struggling with the isolation. They have set up a meeting time outside with ‘germ free’ chairs, just two - 7 or 8 feet apart. This initiative is helping to relieve some of the pressure and people are being sensible about not coming too often, so others can come if they want to.
  25. Westbury Community ProjecThe service is closed during COVID-19 but they are maintaining telephone and email contact with members and providing help where needed.  They have been running a fitness WhatsApp group and some face to face contact at a social distancce.


Other Member Groups:

  1. Action on Elder Abuse  Please contact them for information during the COVID-19 period.
  2. Advice Support Knowledge Information (ASKI)  Their centre is closed but they are running a hot meal delivery service to the elderly. They are monitoring the telephone and responding where needed.  Aug 2020 update: They are making plans to open as soon as possible.  Jan 2021 - all centre based activities are closed during the COVID-19 lockdown period.
  3. Croydon Hearing  With exception of any services that can be carried out over the phone or Zoom they have now moved to appointment only to keep the environment that they work in safe to their clients, volunteers and team.
  4. Croydon Vision  We had great expectations of reopening 4th January 2021.  However, with such rapid increase of the pandemic, it is critical we take steps to keep everyone safe and with that in mind, internal services will remain closed until after Easter. Our adapted services will continue; making sure we always put people first.  Internal services will resume 6th April 2021, subject to risk reduction.  On the other hand, we are mindful that isolation and mental health is on the rise and will do our very best to stay connected, providing doorstep, home visit and virtual services. Please see our business continuity plan:
    Doorstep Services
    Doorstep Buddying - Weekly
    Freshly Cooked Lunch - £5
    Grocery Shopping - Weekly
    Prescription Collection - Weekly
    Home Visits
    Essential Home Visit - As required
    Tech Training - As required
    Virtual (Clicks)
    Advice & Advocacy - Monday to Thursday
    Befriending - Once or Twice Weekly
    Children & Young People - Weekly
    Facebook Live Event - Every Thursday at 4pm
    Talking News/Newsletter - Weekly/Monthly
    Social Groups/Personal Development - Weekly
    Talking Therapies - Weekly
  5. Inaspectrum  All of their activities have moved to Zoom for the time being.  Please contact them for further details.
  6. Ministry of Empowerment  Please contact them for more information on their service during the COVID-19 period.
  7. Stroke Action Croydon   Please contact them for more information on their service during the COVID-19 period.
  8. 50pluscafe.net  Please contact them for more information on their service during the COVID-19 period.
  9. Wellbeing You Ltd  Please contct them for more information on their service during the COVID-19 period.
  10. Re-engage  In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Re-Engage have suspended their regular social gathering and have creates a new service for older people called Call Companions

Other Non Member Groups:   Please contact these groups directly for more information on their service during the COVID-19 period

  1. Abbeyfield Southern Oaks
  2. Broad Green Tai Chi Group 
  3. Croydon Asian Women’s Organisation
  4. New Addington Baptist Church Community Family Project
  5. St Andrew’s Contact Group
  6. Shahjalal Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre
  7. Subrang Arts
  8. 1596 Club at Whitgift Care

 Infrastructure Contacts

 1. Asian Resource Centre of Croydon

 2. BME Forum

 3. Croydon Voluntary Action

 4. Age UK Croydon

 5. Carers Information Services