Our Aims

Our principle aim is to promote, support and develop local neighbourhood care schemes within the London Borough of Croydon for the relief of isolated and vulnerable adults, supporting our Member Groups to continue to provide preventative services to the community through best practice, training and development.


Our Objectives
Our objective is to act for the relief of persons in need and for such other charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the London Borough of Croydon as the charity shall from time to time decide and to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of that object.

We provide the following services to our members:

  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Training
  • Advertising / Promotional material
  • Quarterly forums
  • Good practice guidance
  • Access to policies and procedures
  • Charity’s objectives

To promote, support and develop local Neighbourhood Care Groups within the London Borough of Croydon for the relief of those who are isolated and vulnerable within the community.


Core Values

Neighbourhood Care Groups offer people help, support and information and the opportunity to volunteer in the community.  We believe that by creating links between people this reduces social isolation and enables them to help each other improve their quality of life.



Our vision is that Neighbourhood Care should be available throughout the London Borough of Croydon.  We aim to establish, maintain and develop a Borough-wide network of active, well-managed schemes, which meet the needs of their communities and are members of Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association.



CNCA works through the employment of Staff and Volunteers;

  • To enable liaison between the Groups and encourage a sharing of ideas and information throughout the Association
  • To support and enable the development of existing Neighbourhood Care Groups
  • To encourage good practice in all areas of Neighbourhood Care
  • To initiate new Groups and areas of work
  • To promote awareness of Neighbourhood Care
  • To welcome existing groups with appropriate aims into Membership of CNCA