We do some unique work on a shoe string - help us provide a service where there is increasingly more and more demand.

Even after 20 years we are still looking to develop existing groups and establish new groups, meeting the ever-changing needs of the residents of the borough. However, it costs money to start up these groups and that is where you come in.

Why your support is vital

Croydon Neighbourhood Care is a unique charity; we provide back room services to all our groups, as well as lobbying on their behalf. Our member groups set very high standards and we help them to achieve these.


Carers - Everyday 5,500 people take on a caring responsibility and each year such services as lunch clubs help the people of Croydon take a break, but these groups need somebody to support them.



Free Banners For Charites

We’d like to say thank you to RAL Display for providing us with a free banner stand.

We’ll be using it for promoting CNCA at all our upcoming events this year.

If anyone is intersted please click on the link above.