Like so many, our member Groups have been impacted by the Covid-19 situation.

All centre based activities have had to close but most Groups are running their service in different ways and working hard to help their members and visitors at this time.

Here are some fantastic examples of good work in our community:


Upper Norwood Association for Community Care (UNACC) they are making and delivering healthy and nutritious meals once a week - however many are needed for that week.


South Croydon Day Centre

As well as supporting their visitors through telephone contact, providing shopping services and help with getting prescriptions etc; South Croydon Day Centre have received donations of food items and funds which are used to support the more vulnerable and needy.  They are providing food items, including tins, tea bags, milk and drink, and also toiletries to those with genuine need for free.

They hope to be able to continue with this service until they resume normal operations.


ASKI (Advice, Support, Knowledge, Information)

ASKI have delivered 56 hot meals to the elderly in Croydon as part of their COVID-19 response and this will continue weekly for the next 3 months.


Waddon Community Outreach

Waddon Community Outreach have arranged 'safe distancing conversations' for some of their folk who are really struggling with the isolation. They have set up a meeting time outside with ‘germ free’ chairs, just two - 7 or 8 feet apart. This initiative is helping to relieve some of the pressure and people are being sensible about not coming too often, so others can come if they want to.